Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is it!

This is it!

I have always been afraid to publish. Mostly because I have been afraid of the discriminating critics. There are times when I even stop myself from submitting to Folios and Anthologies. I don't know, maybe this is the writers version of stage-fright. And then, this year came.

I do not remember anymore how it started. I posted poems on my facebook notes and most of them took on the same vein. Erotica. I am originally a writer in Hiligaynon, and the poems I consider well crafted and those I love best are in the language, but from time to time, I also produce pieces in English and Filipino. The erotic poems are in English. Then, one of the poems I posted was featured in an online website by the Asia Writes Project. This gave me a deep feeling of satisfaction and affirmation as a writer.

As the facebook poem/notes continued to grow, I would often get comments. Why not publish a collection of poetry? As usual, my 'stage-fright' comes up. But this year, I might have overcome this. I decided, this is my year. Finally, I will pursue publication. I will live up to that title I use when I travel abroad. The one I place under 'Occupation' - author.

At this point, I have finished writing the 50 poems that will make up the compilation of the Erotic Poetry, and yes, I also have a working title for the book.

YES! Book! I am braving publishing my first ever Book! Under my own name, solo!

Whew! I feel overwhelmed and excited.

There is no turning back. I just pray that this will go well until the book is finally launched.

What comes next will be editing, reviewing, revising and rewriting the poems if needed. After which, I will meet with my photographer friend Babak Niaraki to brainstorm on the photos for the book. I intend the book to be a coffee table poetry book of sorts, with 50 poems and an accompanying photograph for each poem. Well, technically, since it is Erotica, it will be a bedside table book, then. After this, I am sending the manuscript to my Literary Mother, John Iremil E. Teodoro for further editing and critique. She will also have the honor of writing and Introduction to the Collection. After which, we will then be marketing the Folio to publishers. Whew!

For now, I will celebrate the collection's completion with unrestrained hibernation and a good nights sleep!

Oh by the way, the working title of the book is

"The Unfinished Phoenix Tattoo"
and other poems of Longing, Love and Lust
(Well, mostly, Lust)

Whew! I am ecstatic! Wish me luck Batchoy Denizens and pray
that this pushes through, well up until launching!


Reesie said...

Hi Luis! Congrats! Go go go! I hope your book will be published in amazon so I can get it. Otherwise, for your readers abroad, please let us know where to get it. ;-) So excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Luis! Kayang kaya mo yan!

Raymond A.

kalansaycollector said...

wow. kainggit! congrats. :)

The Zen Bitch said...

congrats and best of luck to you, luis... i hope you allow me to contribute some photo/art to your book... as you may know i am a hobbyist photographer/artist...

Luis Batchoy said...

Reesie: surely!Will let you know. Thank you

Luis Batchoy said...

Raymond A. Salamat sir! Thanks for believing in me!

Luis Batchoy said...

kalansay: wag mainggit. gawa ka din Im sure kaya mo din

Luis Batchoy said...

mike: would love to, but for now, the photos are more or less settled. Maybe, next book?