Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm kinda Excitedness for a few things. I dunno why but with the way things have been of late, it is not a wonder why these little things cause excitement, or excitedness . Here are a few of them.

Brief Sojourn in Iloilo

I was tempted to say 'going home' to Iloilo, but really, home is where the heart is, and it is a happy circumstance that for the last six months, Manila has been home for me. My heart is where I am at, so Iloilo is not really home. Nevertheless, I'm going back there for the yearly obligation/panata. My bestfriend Bryan's family own a santo that is used during the Good Friday procession in Roxas City, and year after year, eversince I started helping, I have been in charge of decorating the paso for the procession. I can say that countless blessings have been heaped upon me by the good Lord for my sacrifices, including backbreaking work, super pawisan under the lenten sun, cuts, bruises and what nots from the wires and the flowers. Dahil mas mura sa Dangwa ang bulaklak, dito na rin ako mamimili. Goodluck naman sa akin because I will be bringing flowers for the Holy Week kaya nga I'm taking the ro-ro bus. Here's a picture of how I singlehandedly decorated last year's paso. Here are a few pictures of last year's paso. At oo nga pala... di ko alam pumuntang

Last year it was egg mums, large white anthuriums, dyed in blue chrysanthemums, violet malaysian mums and violet dendrobium orchids that we used. This year, I wanted to use peonies, alstromerias and cymbidiums. Goodluck sa pagbubudget! At wish ko lang matunton ko kung san man yang Dangwa na yan... HELP!

Pretty Peonies... they are also sometimes called Paper Roses

Love the detail on the petals... so fierce

Mukhang mamahalin... sana makamura sa Dangwa at pasok sa budjei

And you guessed it right... pink ang color motiff for the paso this year. Excited much!
Syempre pa, I will be there at least for moreor less one week. Tatambay ulit ako sa kapihan na tinatambayan ko, hahagilapin ang mga bandang jinajaman ko, kakain ng batchoy, seafood, and evrathing. The best thing I'm looking forward to is a dip in the beaches of Panay. I swear, I will go to Guimaras if skeds permit. There is a sliver of sand in my heart that longs for the lick of salty waters. Kung si mother john pa, kailangan maalatan ang buntot ng sirena. Since I'm his 'daughson' namana at nananalaytay din sa dugo ko ang pagkasirenang yun, I am basically a 'sirenette' kaya I need to dip my dorsal fins din every so often. After all, one month ang LOA ko from work kaya naman happiness.

WORK and Tengga sa Bahay

Speaking of work shempre pa, update nga pala. Nag file ako ng immediate resignation ko the last time I went in for work. Sabi naman ng Unit Manager ko, valid naman daw na immediate sya at mawi-waive ang 30 day notice rule dahil nga medical ang rason. Di ba nga meron akong butas sa aking tympanic membrane? Di ko lang mapa opera kasi di sya covered ng HMO dahil pre-existing daw. A great thing happened actually. Instead of accepting m resignation, they gave me a proposal. Papasok ako for at least one more week, then by March 5, pinag fa-file ako ng leave to use up my remaining VL's. Tapos right after, binigyan ako ng LOA for medical reasons for a month, hanggang April 14. Kinagat ko na.

1. makukuha ko na agad ang VL credits ko dahil gagamitin ko.
2. Mareregular pa ako.
3. At dahil naregular nga ako, by then, magagamit ko na ang card ko to cover my tympanoplasty,which I intend to do when I get back from Iloilo.
4. Pwede pa din akong mag stop ng work after the operation kung kinakailangan.
5. Susweldo pa ako for the next cut-off at by the next cut-off's baka makuha ko naman agad ang prime pay na pwedeng mag reflect na sa payroll.

Therefore, tengga ako sa bahay at naka leave lang. No work, no pay. Hehehehe. One more thing is this.Hindi rin ako maklabas labas at maka galagala dahil nga nagtitipid at dahil ampangit ng mga kagat kagat sa balat ko.

Nanganak kasi ang pusa sa kisame namin. Dahil dun, yung mga fleas nila dun sa taas nahuhulog sa amin sa baba. Sobrang kati at sobrang dami kong kagat. Pwede na maglaro ng connect the dots. Para akong nagka tigdas kaya dyahe makipagmeet up. Kahit mainit super jacket orlong sleeves ako. Bwiset! Sarap sunugin ng mga taenang pusang mga yan. I know that these are cat flea bites kasi nangyari na di sakin to before nung nasa LB ako when my ex had this cat din na me mga pulgas. I look so dirty now and I am so sure that I can say goodbye to landian at the beach for this summer. Whew!


This one excites me na din. I have seen trailers of the movie. I remember nung bata ako, classic na pelikula to na lagi lagi at paulit ulit na napapanood sa Channel12. IBC. This is the stuff that childhood memories were made of. Dahil jan, I vowed na kahit magastos, this deserves to be watched in the movie houses. Anyone for a movie date?


Nagulantang ako nung nag check ako ng kalendaryo. Oh to the Em of the GEE!!!
Pramis? Anumpetcha na! Shet! Ilang araw na lang, madadagdagan na naman ang edad ng Batchoy boi. Sana madaming gifts. Hehehehe... kayo jan... me paypal din ako pde din cash!

With all these, I'm so excitedness!

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anne curtis said...

hangtaray ng isang buwang bakasyon.... buti ka pa....

mel beckham said...

i'm excited for you din 'te. good luck sa flowers and be safe sa byahe.