Sunday, April 18, 2010

And all that jazz!

First, some explanation for the absence.

Ten thousand and one things have happened and in the thick of it, I got lost.

I went back to Roxas City for my birthday. The paso's floral arrangement was breathtaking.

Thanks to Sister YJ I now know where the frig Dangwa is. He was able to witness first-hand my life saving baratan skills. Love you sistah!

Then I celebrated my birthday with a very introspective day of silent thankfulness for everything and everyone. Here's to life and all that jazz.

I went back at our house and I am so soft and mushy that all my anger evaporated the moment I saw tears from people's eyes. They genuinely miss me. For all my steam, I just could not bear to be mad any longer. Nevermind the pain or the aggravation says the Spice Girls.

I had my tympanoplasty surgery in Bacolod City, because, of all the inane and BS thing, no anesthesiologist would agree to work with my EENT under my healthcard. They want cash-out and for reimbursement. Talk about easing people's 'pains.'

Then, I opened finally a facebook account and got hooked and had to keep up with the deluge. Join me there. Luis Batchoy is the name.

Now I'm here in a budget class pension because I was not able to catch the last ferry for the day going back to Iloilo because of more BS with my Philhealth. I posted in my FB that this is a love-hate thing that I have with my company and my HMO.

Hate the inutility of it all but love the people who assisted me and did everything they can to assist me. I feel their sincerity in helping - from the HMO rep in Bacolod to the Supervisor, then the HR staff from my company to the staff nurses in the hospital. They were wonderful! I keep thinking how these marvelous people stay stuck in jobs for shitty companies. Thank heavens for the lot of them out there. You guys are the rays of sunshine in a bleak ugly world.

Though I am not paying for it, I checked my bills by force of habit. I noticed that I was billed thrice for Blood typing and clotting time tests. Of course the insanity of the billed prices is a given, but what got me was the thought that if health care in this republic of ours is this costly, why then are they not able to provide decent salaries to our poor and hard working nurses and hospital staff. There was an item there that got me really big. I was billed PHP1,200.00 for rental of a microscope for 3 hours. Get a load of that! Equipment use is even more expensive than what these hard working guys get paid for!

Now I have lost half my tongue's taste buds and it's weird how, when I drink liquid, the flavor is split. It's like drinking two distinct beverage, and it amazes me how the flavor separates - full on the left, nada on the right. My throat is sore due to my being intubated while under sedation, and for the life of me, much as I would like to think in jest, none of the medical staff during my operation is worthy of lascivious thoughts as to how my throat got sore. Blame it on intubation, and that's that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to upgrade my stove!

Seriously, I missed you guys, but no matter how wonderfully time-wasting facebook would be, it wouldn't stop me from blogging. Not even a restaurant upgrade!

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