Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Poet

Break muna sa nakaka depress na Death Chronicles.

Masaya ang batchoy boi at magandang balita ang natanggap.

One of his poems got featured in a respected literary site and he is just bubbling over with pride and joy.

Thank you so much Asia Writes for the honor. I am humbled guys.

Here is the link to the website.

Kung tamad ka ma click, here's the poem.


By Luis Batchoy

"The key to unlocking this puzzle

is within you"

- Doriel, mentor of Mistral Isle

Magic the Gathering card 'Divination' flavor text

You told me that the runes were vague

And even the lines in the palm of my hands

Were not enough to ascertain

My destiny, so we moved on

To more arcane tools and methods.

You chuckled when I asked

About crystal balls and visceral castings.

While you lighted your sacred


The Feng Shui of your room

Demands we heed the flow of Chi

On your inviting bed.

You must slowly map the moles

In my body with a far more

Efficient hands, than eyes

That won't do well in darkness.

It was not kissing.

It was labiomancy.

As the heat surges

It was obvious we

needed to go Kirilian.

Now we alternate to Reiki

With your gifted palms.

Clamancy in our choral moans and groans

Or were we speaking in tongues?

Tongues, yes, of course

Tongues and dowsing rods.

Bumpology for the bumps on my bodies

Or plainly bumping, humping pumping?

At this point I forget whether we're moving into

Kabbalah, or are we approximating the Kama Sutra?

It doesn't matter as long as

I'm moving into you.

Thus we invented


Now we debate if I explode within you

Or if we need the fluids for drimimancy.

Later as we sip coffee and smoke.

We realized that we could have had

Tea instead, for teacup scrying.

Then again, we can always

Go back to your room

And survey the sheets.

There must be omens there.

Or if we feel Karmically bound

To repeat history

Again and again.

We both took out

Our Tarot


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