Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color Coding


I have a world shattering problem. Sobrang bigat at hirap at kumplikado I swear.

I'm in a dilemma! There is this ka eklatan in the office tomorrow. In celebration of the supposed to be non-existent Valentine's Day, there was a memo. Tomorrow, February 12,2010, everyone should be dressed in color codes reflective of their romantic status. No exceptions.

RED If you are in a Relationship, Married, or simply in love

Green if you are single and searching/looking.

Yellow if it's complicated

MEGA KNOWN? May paganun ganun na prime factorization chuvanells?

Well...Now what?

I wanna wear red, because really, I'm in a relationship. A good one! With my whole gorgeous self! It's still a relationship right? Also, I'm married to my passions and convictions. I'm literature's blushing groom, and yes, I am perpetually in love! Im in love with life, with words, with coffee, and the world is, after all its shittiness, a deeper shade of scarlet! So, yes, I'm a red!

I should wear green, because, yes, I am single, individually exceptional, and yes, I am searching, looking, waiting, wishing and hoping all rolled into one! Add to that, bitching, whinning, and sometimes, 'tantruming.' Besides, it suits me, green is just so 'bitter ocampo.'

And yellow, yes, it is complicated. I am a complex individual. Its complicated because it simply is. NUBAYAHN!

Wait lang.. parang ganito yata to eh...

Red as in Red Cross Dick Gordon

Green as in Green Team Gibo Teodoro

Yellow as in atay a yelo ribbon Noynoy Aquino

Honestly, wala pa rin akng mapipisil sa mga presidentiables na mga to. Simple lang. wala ni isa sa kanila ang merong solid platform tungkol sa usapin sa Sining at Kultura. Actually, dati nung si Toto Mar pa ang kumakandidato, naroon ako sa isa sa mga porum nya sa Iloilo for early harvests at bigla naman ako na turn off nung hindi nya masagot ang tanong ko kung ano meron sa plataporma nya tungkol sa literatura, kultura at sining. Maybe it's not a pressing concern, but then again, it has been most neglected. A solid leader needs to have all bases covered and since none of them has a solid national platform for culture and the arts, medyo wala pang tumitibang ng gaano sa puso ng batchoy boi. I am not asking for a Marie Antoinette, who, when told that the people no longer had bread to eat responded with a suplahdah 'then let them eat cake.' Gusto ko lang na meron syang magandang plataporma for culture and the arts. Yun lang naman.

Now... what to wear?



Or This?

Arghhh... Mag absent kaya ako? Tara... gala tayo bukas? hehehehe

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blagadag said...

go. makaon ta bachoy. galaway laway ako sa last batchoy pix mo. daw kanamet.

mel beckham said...

break the rule. wear white. because your love is pure. charoooot!

Lyka Bergen said...

wear Yellow!

citybuoy said...

gown talaga? kakaloka! mag-itim ka. sab ihin mo you're mourning the harsh management decisions. haha