Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Blah Post

And so it came to pass...

Post Valentine, post suspension, post... blah blah post!

To start off everything, of course, it's all about the money.

Concern poured off from well meaning friends and those people who were very well with meanings. Hehehehe. My Iranian friend got me out of the self inflicted emo-ness with an invitation I can't quite resist. Coffee!

He had work that night so I had to wait for him to get off. We decided to meet at the hour of great mercy! Chos! 3 AM!

So I dragged my lethargic self to malate, where we agreed to meet up. I was quite early so I just loitered around Silya and O Bar. Technically it was still Valentine's day, though the date itself ended one or two hours back. There were the sweet cheesiness couples and the deadline chasers all around. Of course there were those who simply did not care, with their full on smiles and ultra 'light' foundation day, arching an eyebrow with a twang 'say wha? Valentine's wha?"

I sat outside O nursing my Cali shandy, wishing somehow, I could drink, but no. As the night drew on, the scene grew more drunken. People spilled in and out the bar. I got my share of curious stares, too, and did notice a few cuties throw a glance my way, but no, I'm in no shape and I was waiting for my friend, so no.

One brave and gorgeous soul climbed over my wall and engaged me in a chit-chat. He was a Hollander and we got to talk about things.

H: You alone?
L: Yeah...
H: On a Valentine night?
L: Well, yes, as it seems... You?
H: We had a big fight
L: Oh, I,m sorry...
H: No, don't be... He's a jerk
L: I see... and the game plan is?
H: What do you mean?
L: You're here to cool your head, then? Or heat up one of them, yes?
H: Hahaha, you're funny!
L: Too funny to be taken seriously, perhaps?
H: And smart too...
L: Too smart for this crazy little thing called love.
H: And not bad looking either
L: Compliments get you everywhere, but not tonight.
H: Oh? Why? At least you're out.
L: Well, I'd like to say I'm put to celebrate my singlehood but, really, I'm just waiting for a friend.
H: Friend?
L: Yeah, friend. Excuse me, I feel like peeing.

And so, he thought it was a signal for some sleazy CR action, but no.. Iihi lang talaga ako.

Shortly after I got back out on the streets, he was still on my heel, and this waiting thing gets so strenuous. Mercifully, Iranian friend arrived shortly.
H:(from somewhere at my back) Friend... right?
Well Iranian friend is gorgeous, but painfully straight, and we have this sweet habit of giving each other tight hugs when we meet. These guys are the best. They know my sexuality and in more than one instance have bailed me out of bad dates, too.
they don't mind when I teasingly call them my boyfriends.
L: Yeah, friend...
H: Right!
What a sourpuss!

Well, the crux of the matter is that, there is this opening for a coaching/trainer position in Iranian friend's company, so he will try to refer me. The clouds of despair lifted the instance he showed up his gorgeous face and hugged me, and with those words, the sun came shinning through. The rest of the evening went marvelously.
Now, the waiting game has begun anew. I'm standing by my cell phone waiting for that call. Waiting is such a pain, really!

I asked him why he was dateless on a Valentine's night. He said girlfriend was stuck back home in the province with familial events. Her dad being a politician, they had this elections chuvaness of giving 'hearts' on Valentine's Day. He asked me why I was dateless myself. The inevitable question nga naman, sheesh...

I told him that the prospects were dim. I did have a pre-valentine rendezvous but things did not go the way I wished it would... well, bummer.

I: Well, why what happened.
L: The pre-date was just not right.
I: You and your standards... speaking too soon or thinking too much again, Luis.
L: Well, we had sex, at least. That's where he wanted it to lead to.
I: So... bad lay?
L: Nah, it was good. It's just that...
I: That what?
L: While I was drilling him, I was consumed with the thought of updating my resume.

Well, yes... that. I finally said yes to this makulit guy who was texting me on and off, and we met the day before the Valentines. He managed to wrangle me off my cup of coffee and invited me back to his place. He was ok, and seemed decent but there's just this sexual tension that hanged in the air with his every move. I took pity on the guy and decided to relieve him of his sexual anxiety. So we ended up in his ottoman. He had the usual chu chu... won't kiss, etc etc. He then surprised me with a full on lip smacking action in the middle of sex with a silly naughty grin saying... "Do you realize its past 12am? It's Valentines... happy valentines day!" Now, where did that come from? Just when I thought there was something to it. When we kissed, I thought he turned into a prince... then again, when we came, the spell broke when he immediately got up to wash, leaving me with a cigarette and a terrible desire to cuddle and hug... Finally, the prince turned back into the warty frog when he walked me out of his apartment to grab a cab, and reached for my groin, squeezed it playfully and said "thank you."

Thank you?

Charmita also followed after her off, and the great thing is, she might also squeeze in with me in the new company since her account is also threatened and she does not want to wait for the ax to fall. How exciting! Now coffee with good friends on a chilly night couldn't get any better. The dawn broke, and the world was warm and sunshiny... Katrina and the waves wail at the background.

I opened my mails, when I got home and finally got the invite for 'my' book launching. It's gonna be on March 4 somewhere in Makati. I got excited. The time is just right. I might be able to attend. I replied confirming my invite. Now, the next problem. What to wear? I rummaged through my clothes and realized I need to call the laundry shop na. I also decided to hit the ukays for a decent garb.

Aris my good blogger friend entertained my empty morning with texting about waiting, getting lucky, looking and finding. He said I was hilarious when I texted

"Naku, he has to find me real soon while I'm still in my prime, else, he might find himself shortchanged. Aanhin ko pa ang power bottom kung kumikirot na ang rayuma ko at Pau d' Arco na ang perfume ko?"

So, now... It's waiting...mostly waiting

Waiting for the pick/up delivery from the laundry shop...

Waiting for the call from Iranian friend's company...

Waiting for that post 'finding someone' post to be written...



That one true thing to find me or be found by me.


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