Sunday, February 14, 2010

Defying Gravity

Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying Gravity!

It was a Kung HEY F@CK (Bat)choi

Yeah, it’s the freaking VDAY, or shall I say, D-DAY? D as in dreaded, or d as in de mala in Spanish or dimalas in Hiligaynon! I know I was whining two posts back that work week is just so monotonously ordinary and routinely blah, and little did I know that it will explode to one freaky incident. Kung HEY! F@CK (Bat)choi indeed!

Now there I was, on phone time, managing whatever metrics needed management, looking forward to tomorrow being the last day of the work week, and it being VDAY, sleeping it all off, when our team lead told me to log out for coaching. I thought I’d get the memo because I did not abide by the dress code. I was preparing to say, that I was wearing red, it’s just a watered down hue, as I feel like my love is being watered down by my loneliness. It’s true, pink is a lighter shade of red, so technically, I was still wearing red! Actually, I was preparing to give a reason more mundane, such that my Laundromat had yet to deliver my clothes. It was on a technicality that my day would explode!

The crux: another one of my sales calls was monitored and I failed compliance again. Now, the bottom line – this being my second risk call in a 60 day period, the next Disciplinary Action applies and escalates – hold your breath!


On top of that, my prime commission pay for the first cut-off is forfeited, and I get a score of 0 on my scorecard for that metric. I understand that it is company policy, and I understand that it was valid, but still it did not stop me from feeling down low. Aside from that, since my five day suspension falls on the week where we were supposed to render mandatory overtime, I wouldn’t get that, plus, since its only 28 days for the month, it would be very hard for me to pas my sales metric since I would have to miraculously pull the next cut-off with only 4 days on phone time! Double whammy! Plus, the next time I would get a compliance issue would mean my termination. The pits!

Maybe it added up to the feeling that in my whole work life, I never got any D.A of any sort, and I was never suspended, much less, given a written memo, ever, I was crestfallen.

I am in a tight pinch. It means I would have to say goodbye to my planned VL for my birthday and holy week, since I wouldn’t have enough money, and need my savings for the next cut-off since I’m only getting paid for four days that period. Plus, the days of my suspension is right smack between days off which would mean 8 to 9 days of no work. My team lead tried to cheer me up by making it sound like a vacation package, but I wouldn’t be easily consoled.

I dragged my poor spirits and weary body to the nearest Starbucks post shift, begrudging the extra expense. This incident caused me to take a closer look at my current state of things. Clearly, I can not afford not to have a job. I need to be a step ahead, since, termination is not an option, and I can not promise that I will not be committing another risk, since, it seems that this compliance thing is a device that is set to trap poor hardworking agents into pit falls to shave off commissions or to fast track saying goodbye to the account.

A lot of things went through my mind, none of them cheery. What to do with the 8 days off work? I love my job, and I would love to see myself growing with the company, but in the light of recent circumstances, I need to re plan and re strategize.

One: First and foremost, I am not really happy with my basic wage. I made do with what I had and was planning to tuck tenureship under my belt for future leverage, and this incident brought back the issue of how I live from pay date to pay date with my basic pay.

Two: It feels unfair and harsh. As if it’s not enough to be stripped of my hard earned commission, I needed to be subjected to more by not getting paid for the next five days on a sales compliance technicality. Plus, considering I am a probi agent on a learning curve, and yet the DA being applied to me is that for tenured agents. It does not seem fair. On top of that, it would make me fail not only compliance, but also my sales metric for the month. I asked my team lead if she can at least schedule the suspension at a more reasonable time but she said there is nothing she could do about it. It has to be immediate. Which, I very much doubt.

Three: With the above mentioned, it demotivates me. The best solution to my mind is not to sell. No sale, no compliance. At least, in the score cards, I only would fail the sales metrics, keep the compliance tucked in, and secure not being terminated, until clearing period of the D.A lapses after 60 days.

Four: It suddenly feels skulldrudgerous. I work hard and even if I am merely probi for less than three months on the floor, I have consistently exceeded the goal, even besting tenured agents on the floor. With the way things are, the lurking sours in my mind won’t go away very easily.

Five: I need to rethink my options.

Bottom line, and the solution to my problem – hit the job market before it’s too late.

I texted friends there and then for possible referrals, went on line and updated my resume. Great thing is, not one of them believed I deserved it. They know me and my job ethics and work attitude. YJ's text meant a lot to me. It lifted me up and spread some cheer and warmth amdist the gloom.

"Ok. ur 1 of d most rational person ive met. so clearly cla ang mali... but then kung crporate policy ang basehan, wala kang laban. lets talk bout dis son..."

One other friend said:

"Naku, ganyan talaga sa BPO. Suspension lang naman pala eh, u still have your job, it's not termination. Then again, ikaw pala yan. I'm talking to Luis Batchoy nga naman pala. Pristine work record, and immaculate work track! Mea Culpa... sige, will keep an open ear... pasabihan kita agad."

someone else said:

"From the get go I already told you not to sign the contract. It pays too low, but you said you wanted it coz it challenges you and its where Charmita works at, too. U deserve better. I agree... look around!"

After all, I have 8 days to walk in and go on job interviews, which I think, I would land. Bigger fishes out there for bigger basic pay, which I believe, would require the same hard work that I know I can give and perform. Maybe consider and off ops position like communications coach, or maybe trainer posts. After all, my bond period has been satisfied, and I can pre-empt termination scenarios, before the brush-fire blazes. I need a company that would work with me, not against me. A company that would nurture my strengths and build my career, not set up stumbling blocks.

Therefore, I am on the prowl. Any suggestions and vacancies would be greatly appreciated. Text me, please. The batchoyan in Manila can not afford to close down.

Watch me soar! Help me defy gravity!

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Lyka Bergen said...

D for Dimalas. D for Defying Gravity. and D for Dude, take it easy!

Lyka Bergen said...

Oh, BTW... Glinda, I hope you're Happy at the end.

jericho said...

kahit na i don't fully understand how things go in BPO, happy valentine's day pa rin. ;)

Aris said...

Believe in the divine plan. Pagsubok lang ito. Isang daan para makapag-isip-isip at makagawa ng tamang desisyon. Everything's going to be alright. Huwag susuko. *hugs* :)

Kane said...

Luis Batchoy,

I think you processed your options quite well, very analytical. I wish you well =) Nakakainis naman ang company mo, no?