Friday, May 7, 2010

May bilog, may bilog

I have been really thinking about my choice for president for a very long time. Politics is really not my favorite topic, and when asked, I usually reply with 'pinagiisipan ko pa.' Honestly, I was thinking that I will just let the elections pass and say nothing of my choice in my blog. After reading a lot, researching a lot, weighing things a lot and actually praying a lot, I have made my decision. I have chosen my color.

Admittedly, it was a difficult decision and I must say it pays to wait a while to see how people change styles and show their true colors when subjected to extreme pressures. It also afforded me the chance to listen to other people and see if their logic is sound. I also enjoyed exchanging views with my friends on this topic.

This is just my second time to vote for a president. Sadly, at this point, no one has readily won my heart the way Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago did (although I was not able to vote yet at that time she ran for President) or the late Sen. Raul Roco. I am tempted to simply say why I chose whom I chose but that won't be interesting would it?

My early favorite was Gordon, because of his sterling track record and admirable performance. Then I also liked Nicky Perlas, but this brilliant person whose answers are most impressive just does not have what it takes to be President, sadly, after the fact. Then there's the brilliant Gibo Teodoro who also impressed me with very practical solutions and very solid answers. As for Jamby Madrigal, I am sorry but she is just really really a wild card thing, second only to JC De los Reyes. As for the ex-president Joseph Estrada, well, please do not insult my intellect... pwede ba? Eddie Villanueva for president is another insult on my intelligence. The separation of church and state is a concept that is clear to me even before I entered law school. As for Villar, I have never voted for him ever. Not for Senator, and definitely not for President. With Noynoy Aquino, I too have my misgivings about him. It is as if we are left with a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Sadly, my choice is to choose the least evil, so to speak.

After listening to a lot of public forums, a lot of debates, a lot of 'conspiarcy theories', after researching a lot and weighing the pros and the cons, and of course, praying a lot, I have made a decision. It seems that I am yellow!

One of the process I had to go through was to weight the candidates against the negative issues hurled against them and the final straw that proverbially broke the Camel's back is as follows:

Villar: Listening to Prof. Winnie Monsod, who, to start with is someone I admire a lot really convinced me that there were insertions and Villar is guilty with the C5 controversy, but what really broke my heart is Nanay Curing's being used for sad and pathetic emotional campaign. The words of the sister rings loud and clear... "Bakit, nangagamit din naman sila ng nanay ah! Patay na nga eh, ginagamit pa!" I hear you sister... ginagamit nyo nga ang nanay nyo! SHAME!

Gibo: I really did not fall for the Villaroyo sympathy thing and the resignation from Lakas. I see it as a last ditch effort to shake away the shadow of the malignant cancer that is Gloria besetting his candidacy. Tactics, tactics, tactics. So if it is to be believed that Arroyo has left him supportless because she now roots for Villar, they would have removed that one obstacle that hinders his shooting up to the top. Tsk tsk tsk... Sayang, I really like you but I can not get past Gloria's annoinment of you. It's a classic... the 'mother-in-law' problem, right, hon? Chos!

Gordon: The last straw was the 'sue the SWS' thing! It proves the rumors for me that he is a big wimpy kid throwing tantrums when he does not get his way... well... the scary human rights violation in Subic also kinda put me on guard.

Perlas: I just hope you get appointed to a cabinet position. You, sir, are brilliant. Its just not enough. You have failed to capture my trust and confidence.

JC: Why the top spot all of a sudden sir?

Jamby: She is really really cute, like a Pokemon and that's it.

Bro. Eddie: I hold fast to my opinion that a refusal to see the simple truth that there must be a separation of Church and State is plain stupidity, and you being a religious leader is just a turn off. Stay with your flock, sir.

Erap: Oh phuleeze! As I have mentioned above... do not insult my intelligence!

SO that obviously leaves us with Noynoy. Actually, when I kinda latched on to the idea of voting for him, I told my friends that my very biased feeling is that I am choosing him because he is the least among the evils. I felt that should things not go very well, he is the one most easy to make accountable for. If worse comes to worst, he is the easiest to demand accountability from. He has not much to hide behind, unlike Villar with his money and Gibo with his military. Of course I had to grapple with issues against him the top three of which follows.

Hacienda Luisita - I believe he is not simply washing his hands when he said that he owns merely shares. I believe him. HE does not run the show entirely. Why put the blame entirely on him? The yellow ribbon with blood splatters is simply too melodramatic for me. Besides, there is a case already filed in the proper courts, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a sound and necessary facet in a democratic country and in a good justice system. There is no direct link that convinces me of his direct and clear accountability for the Hacienda Luisita issue.

No Legislative Track Record - Did Fidel Ramos have one prior to his presidency? Did Cory Aquino have one? I do not think so. Besides, I am sick and tired of all these political grandstanding and all these inane hearings 'in aid of legislation!' There are a thousand and one useless and inutile laws in the country. We do not need more laws and count bills passed into law. We need substantial implementation. This issue has failed to turn me off.

MAma Papa Legacy - Sister Villar mouthed it. Sino ba ang hindi gumagamit ng nanay? In the political arena, who is not guilty of using, in one way or another, pedigree and lineage? One thing has convinced me that Noynoy is NOT a mere 'legacy rider' - His stand on the RH Bill. Tita Cory has been a known woman of the faith, particularly the catholic faith, and surely would be one with the church's stand. It is refreshing for me to hear him damn the clergy and not care whether they support him or not because of his strong stand on the RH Bill issue. It shows that he is not entirely just a 'mama's bot' and is capable to be his own man!

So yes, I am YELLOW. Though I am not Marian Rivera who is a Psychology, I am Yellow simply because he has the Integrity and I believe in the promise that he represents.

As for my Vice President, I go for Mar. He has the credentials, the political will and the clout to boot. In fact, before he retreated to give way for Noynoy, he already had my nod. I respected him more and got impressed by this selfless act in fact.

As to my Senators, I again will not be able to complete all the slots. I ahev always believed that if I only have three senators, at least I have full trust and full faith in them, so I guess such will be the case this year.

Here are my choices.

- Miriam Defensor Santiago - kailangan pa bang imemorize to?
- Liza Maza - She has my heart
- Kata Inocencio - mukhang brilliant naman, masubukan
- Sergio Osmena III - naiimpress pa ako sa kanya at feel ko kapakipakinabang sya

under consideration:
- Satur Ocampo
- Sonia Roco
- Regalado Maambong
- Jun Lozada

- Ang Ladlad - for very obvious reasons!

I would have completed my list with my choices for local positions in Iloilo City where I am registered but that would make this already long post even longer. For now, I am letting everyone at large know that I am happy to be Yellow. The more I say it the stronger I feel right about it.

Color me Yellow!

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reyna elena said...

Salamat naman. Early on, I told myself that I will be neutral in this election. But things changed when he announced his candidacy. From that point on when no one believed me, when everybody were ridiculing me, laughed at me, I rooted for this guy. No heavy analysis, I only based on this word. TRUST. That's all.

I've suffered a lot as you know. Bombared with a vicious online hate campaign simply because I was yellow. That did not deter me a bit. I have a country to save you know. That's miniscule compared to what his family has endured for us.

I'm glad to hear you're yellow. Welcome to the army. We are all in this whatever your colors is.

The Zen Bitch said...

amen, luis! noy-mar din ako!

victor said...

Rediscovered your blog. Hehe.

You have a very interesting take on the elections. I hope you do decide to vote for Satur. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

gordon here!!! hehehe