Thursday, May 10, 2012


One of these days, I will make a full blown five part series on my memories of Campus Publication and being Editor-In-Chief, for now, here's a snippet. This is culled from my latest facebook status message. Yes, it seems I'm back and making good with my resolve to keep posting regularly. Wish me luck.

There is this one thing that I miss - being the Editor-in-Chief of a school publication. It's a feeling like no other. While you contend with deadlines and all the nitty gritties of publication, you also manage and deal with people.

You become a cheerleader, waving your pompoms at staff members who feel a little less wonderful.

You become guidance counselor carefully listening to the little wear and tears of their hearts urging them to put those feelings into paper.

You become slave driver whipping people into shape bullying them into meeting a deadline.

Students accuse you of not being pro-student and being elitist. Faculty and Administration label you as activist. Your family doesn't understand, and you can barely make a relationship work because it does not sit well with them how an all nighter in the printing press could be more important than a long overdue date.

You become a rallying hero fighting against the injustices of the academic structures and leading your little pen-wielding, grade conscious and 'graduation-bound' little band of dreamers who believe in changing the world one issue at a time.

You become a boss, a friend, a mentor, a compatriot, a co-plotter, a dreamer, a realist, a surrealist, a clown, and all that's in-between, and sometimes, all at once.

All these while minding and managing your own issues and your own life and deadlines!

I am lucky to have been blessed with the most efficient, the most charismatic, the most talented, and the most lunatic and delusional set of staff members in all the school years I have been EIC. I reminisce with pride and joy and bask at the crazy, happy, zany and wonderful days and nights of being a pub person. Here's to campus publication and the good old memories!

~Luis Batchoy

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