Friday, June 5, 2009

All's well that ends...

Tonight was a fortuitous night.

Last night, my new found step-siblings except Liz met and had coffee as usual. It being a thursday night, the thursday group was there. First fortuitous event of the night was the sudden resurection of Bing from out of oblivion. I could only be very happy to see him well and good. It is sad however, that it would take some time before a production number from the thursday group would be 'stage-ready'. Jennifer was absent. Nevertheless, I missed Bing and hugged him tight. Wonderfully, jamming session was a blast.

Step sister MJ had to go home early, so I was left with step brother Peter, who was to wait for his gf, step sister Liz's lunch break from work at 1:30AM. We went to another bar for a change. I have been frequenting this joint in the past, and it felt good to be back. Shortly before 1:00 AM we started walking to where Step Sis Liz works.

Perhaps, the apprehension I felt way back then when I would pass by or see this once-upon-a-time workplace of mine too, has already worn off. I can not exactly remember if I made a blog post about this spat with some people at work early this year, but I doubt it that I did. Anyhoot, another sad and sordid chapter of this batchoy boy's life ended with a much needed closure. Not that it bothers me that much still because I have long put it behind me and have gotten over all that jazz. In fact, I would see the key players around town and respectful and civil pleasantries are exchanged between them and me. I do not wish to further discuss nor was there any confrontation from their end, so to speak. The issue, whether it be consciously or unconsciously shelved or glossed over, I really couldn't give a hoot to, but what goes around comes around so they say, and some things have a way of resolving themselves in their own time. I guess this was one of them.

When Step Bro Peter and I reached the place, I saw a good friend of mine. I said hi to him. Meanwhile, Athena went down from upstairs. She was one of those key players in the whole hullabaloo. I just had to say hi to her. After all, when the shit hit the fan, it was her and only her who had the propensity and perhaps the propriety to text me, and to at least ask for an explanation and perhaps, hear out my side of things. I deeply appreciated that effort, and though I know where her loyalties lie, I have never forgotten that act she did. At least she was decent to ask my side and hear me out. We chit chatted and after a while, step sis Liz came. This gave athena and I a chance to talk some more since I had to at least leave the lovey-dovey to talk among themselves.

We smoked and kinda talked about what really happened and how glad I was that she at least sought out my side of the story. Then, the two other key persons in the fray came down as well. T and F.

Athena: Forget it, people make mistakes.
Luis: Yeah, but I still stand by what I said.
Athena: Oh, look, there's T. Would you like to talk to him?
Luis: Actually, I dont know where to start really. After all I did not start all these.
Athena: You don't have to. Sorry would do.
Luis: Ahmmm... as in now, now? (Actually, I felt that sorry was not to come from me. I did not do anything that I am sorry about.) It seems inapporpriate to just let it pop just like that, you know. It would sound insincere and really out there.
Athena: We all know it has been wearing down our minds all these time. I can call him if you want to.
Luis: Ok then. (By this time, I thought, well yeah, I am sorry for being part of this shiznit and for the pain and what ever discomfort, anger and all that sh!t that went around. It would serve as a penance for whatever wrongs I failed to see, and at the same time an absolution for my self and others at large.)

T then approached and I held his hand and offered an apology.

Luis: I really do not know how to do this because this seem inadequate. You see, for me, sorry should not be done by mere words or just blurting it out like a magic word to make everything alright. I wish there was more to just saying it.
T smiled : Lets put it all behind us... closure...
Luis: Thank you...

F was also close behind and I offered the same sincere apology, and the same regret for a lack of a better way of showing apology and remorse. She then interjected.

F: Well, if that's the case, a good pizza would do.
We all laughed like we used to. Mommy C then came down too, and informed me that my unclaimed pay checks are already available at the HR department. Well, partly because of this sordid affair, I did not bother to really go there and process my clearance and all to get my remaining pay. All's well that ends well perhaps, since tomorrow, I can go back and finally claim my uncollected checks. Pizza would be great!

Oh and in a heartbeat, I would want to see, too, if the pay is enough for a quick hie away to Le Manile... well, maybe... just maybe... As I was holding on to this happy thought, and as if on cue to cap off the perfect night, Cute chubby chinito and long time work place crush also came down to take his lunch break!

Crush: Hey! Luis! Great to see you again! Been a while!

The smile would have been enough pixie dust to sprinkle on my happy thought and I just flew through the night skies! And as the TV Shopping Netwrok goes...But wait! There's more!

Crush: Hey Writer guy, I'm taking my lunch break, wanna join me? I missed you.
I quickly looked at Step Bro Peter and as if on cue, he gave me the nod that he'd be fine and I can just come back for him. The places to eat at are just round the area after all. Crushie grabbed my arm as I was nodding yes and mumbling an "Mmmkay!"

If this night ain't perfection, I don't know what else would have been. Ahmmmm... maybe... just maybe... Crushie saying that he missed mo so much that he wants to miss work for the remainder of the night and just get it on with me... Now spell Ilusyunado!

Whoever said that happy endings are just fairy tales stuff know no better and I am not the one to change their views about it. I'm too busy with this one's ending to really give a shitake!


wanderingcommuter said...

i believe everyone has their own share of happy endings.

blagadag said...

sabaw pa migs beh. daw ginkulangan man ang busong ko nga tyan.

Yj said...

") happiness.......... mishu mishu

Luis Batchoy said...

ewik: indeed!

blag: kandus lang, damo pa ginapabukalan

yj: Mishu mishu na din teng