Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad News and then some

As much as possible I don't want to post bad news on my blog, but this week, Iloilo City had a dose of bad news.

Swine Flu... Oink

First, the swine flue virus has reached Iloilo. DOH officials confirmed Wednesday that an Ilonggo seaman who came home from his tour of duty has tested positive for A(H1N1) Virus. ISKEYREEE.... the news that was officially put out to the media was that he is confined at a certain hospital in the city, but truth of the matter is, he was first confied at a different hospital. My sister, who happens to be a nursing student in the said hospital told me so. In fact, they are now doing contact tracing...ISKEYREEEIER! That day, I had a dip in the newly fixed and filled pool in the house, After the dip, I felt chilly and now, I think I'm coming down with a flu too... ISKEYREEEIESST!!!

Zoonowg at Dawn

Secondly, I came fresh from witnessing a conflagration in the city. The Old Alegro Theater building caught fire earlier, at around 2 AM, Nocturnal me, I was able to watch the fire raze the building that used to house the theater complex, and is now being used as stockrooms for the businesses on the ground level, such as a pawnshop, a Chinese fast food, and some Korean surplus shop. Personally, the fire has affected me in a way, since the old theater house is one of the venues planned for the photo shoot of the latest nude photo session being cooked up by my good friend, photographer Babak Niaraki. Together with step brother Peter, we watched as the valiant and heroic firefighters and volunteers from the Federation Fire Team and ICAG Fire fighters fought for more than 3 hours to put out the fire. I thought all the while that fire fighting was a bore but I was wrong... Oh, well the hosing down was really boring, but those Chinese chamber fire fighting squad was a sight to behold... Chubby chinitoness all around wet, sweaty and well... uhmmm, all hosing down! Hehehehehe... I hear Barbie Almalbis in the background singing, I wanna put out your fayar! I wanna put it out put it out... Nyehehehehe... Well them babies of mine were a heroic bunch! Papa Luis is so so so Proud of yah my babies! Nyekhekhekhek!

Them Papa Luis' Beybis putting it out!

Despite the bad news, on the personal front, things keep getting better.

First, the Anthology Patubas 2 that I am helping out with is slowly gaining momentum. Submissions are slowly pouring in and so far, the manuscripts are excellent. for you guys who are still planning to contribute, you still have until the 15th of July to do so. Do not forget to send in translations for non English/Filipino works as well as your short narrative bio and pictures for the contributors page. For details check out the older blog post.

Secondly, the parents went back to the US of A for the next round of their immigration process. In no time at all, the parents will have full status and will be able to come hither and thither to the US of A. Missing them would be a slight itsy bitsy inconvenience though.

Charm with Cherish Naysha

Thirdly, Charmita my Sanity is in town.... wooot wooot... now excuse me, I need a bit of shut eye. I had an eyeful of Chubby Chinito's and my imagination is kinda carrying me away now. Besides, I need my sleep in preparation for the all-nighter with my Charmita... Tah tah!

Ps.: Oh and yes, here's proof that things are really looking up... I am smoldering in these pics, methinks.... Kssssshhhhh!!!! Was achulli kinda afraid to see the fire fighting thinggie cause I might contribute to the conflagration! Chos!

Tago bilbil pose!

Everything is looking up!

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Ming Meows said...

chubby chinitos...hmmm. ive heard there are lots of them in iloilo

jericho said...

kinarir ang poses. ba't walang pics ang mga firefighters? hmp

Dawn said...


Dammmit!!! I haven been home for running three weeks now..

Charm looks so good, and so do you..

Cant wait to get home...


Maintra na ko uba next time with Babak hahahahahahaha

Kiks said...

aminin. ang choker. bonggang bongga.

truly, you will set everything afire sa getup look and pout mo.

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang Allegro Theatre na yan! Madaming 'sexy' good memories ako dyan! Kalokah! At ngayon.. nasunog? May meaning ata to para sa akin.

Miss! I lyk your tago-bilbil pose! Venga Lynn Tubungbanua!

At ang Dawn! Bakla sya! Hubadera rin pala! Tse!

elmot said...

grabe naman na tong virus na to!

tumalon ako galing kay lee papunta dito....buti nalg di nadapa,e hehe!

Dawn said...

Para kay Lyka:

matagal na akong bakla!!

tse ka rin!!!

love the latest runaway chuva

for luis:

miss na kita!! as in!!!

see you when I get home...

Luis Batchoy said...

ming: saan dito? Buti ka pa madaming alam... hehehehe

echo: punyemas ka naman, alangan ako magpipicture dun sa mga nambobomba ng sunog eh kung ako kaya bombahin!

Dawn: Mauba na ko sa wednesday... two projects in one ni. Rain kag stone and paper series ni babak

Luis Batchoy said...

kiks: thats my hexagram pendant, nilagay ko lang sa ribbon cord. Masyadong ma energy nga eh kaya takaw pansin, Full charged kasi yan.

lyka: meaning kailangan mo na rin masunog para bombahin ng mga kyutipie fayer fayters? Chosera!

elmot: salamt sa pagbisita at pag comment sa blog ko. Balik ka ha!

Luis Batchoy said...

dawn: ayambot na gid lamang!