Monday, February 23, 2015


Tabugon Reflections

I saw an online post from a friend. Some indie film director wants to do a project for a short film. They were looking for a male actor. Long story short, I missed acting and theater, went to give it a go, and got casted. I had no questions - how much, what for, or stuff - I just said yes.

Fast forward, the film was to be shot in an island off Estancia in Iloilo. This is not about the movie though. This is about this amazing geological/nautical feature called sandbars and the wonderful moving realizations I had with the experience.

As soon as we arrived in the afternoon, after unpacking and all that I wanted to swim. But the tides were out and the sandbar was all around. You had to walk for miles to find the fringe of the sea that can take you deep enough to wade and swim in.

This sand bar thing is just amazing! You know, you come in on a boat because the waters are all over deep just as it should be, separating islands and all that, then all of a sudden, when the tides go out, there is dry land you can walk on, and even walk to the next island, just like that, miraculously, and when the tide rushes back in, it's as if it never happened and the islands are all separated again by the deep salty seas!

It made me think. Really think deep on this mysterious sight. How, we are islands. We have lived through the atrocities of the tides that come and separate us.

But in time - upon heaven's appointment, the waters recede and the tide goes out. And then there shall be land. Dry land to walk upon, and the distance to your island and mine can now be traversed on foot.

All we just need is the faith to walk it. And the quick vigilance for such an appointed time. So as not to get caught up with the rushing of the tides - once, there will be such a time. All we need is patience. And the courage to walk the distance.

How we are islands, separated by the tides, and yet, how, there will be sand bars. It shall appear. In heaven's appointed time!

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