Thursday, January 15, 2009

And Your Name Is...


I know your name now! OO Ikaw nga! Hehehehe... Ang pangalan mo pala ay

Gino dela Peña! Yes... the McDo guy!

KAPUSO Pala sya. Nilaunch sila ng Artist Center noong August 2007 pa sa S.O.P at tinawag na Bratpack...

Totoy na totoy pa oh!

Ito ayon sa isang article ni Ruel Mendoza na lumabas noong 2007 sa Pep.

"Una sa listahan si Gino dela Peña, 20 anyos na commercial model. Si Gino dela Peña marahil ay may dugong banyaga pero Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating. Isang tidbit tungkol kay Gino ay ang pagbili nito ng P50,000.00 worth na Tricks Gel para lang manalo sa isang contest kung saan makaka-date niya ang kanyang showbiz crush, ang two- time FHM’s No.1 Sexiest Katrina Halili."

Daanin ba sa gel or jologs lang talaga? Hehehehe Peace!

Ito na yata ang gel!

Ito pa...

Sabi naman ni Alwin M. Ignacio:

These fine looking talents are mostly professional models, familiar faces that have appeared on print and TV ads, some of them even scions and daughters of prominent families.

The line-up consists of nine men, nine women, three kids and two singers — GMA’s Brat Pack, Batch 2007.

Gino dela Peña

What sets Gino dela Peña apart from the rest of models-turned-showbiz wannabes is the fact that he knows hard work (being a part of a real estate company that buys and sells beach properties in Palawan) and he is spiritually grounded (he plays an active role in a healing Christian ministry group that helps people with physical and spiritual disabilities). One wonders what this young man is doing in the world of entertainment.

“When I was in my teens, I did not find show business attractive. I even had an aunt who wanted me to join TGIS, but I politely declined, being an obedient son to my mom. That time, I would rather finish my studies first. In addition, I was very active in sports like soccer and basketball so the lure of entertainment was not very appealing to me. Only when I joined modeling (did I become) curious about it and the possibility of being part of it. I was wondering how actors can do what they do, especially the ones who (make) it appear so easy,” relates Gino.

“I put my heart in everything that I do, whether it’s my real estate business, the healing ministry that I am part of and now, being in showbiz. Once I put my heart into it, it becomes a passion and you know that when you work out of passion, it is still hard work but somehow, it becomes tolerable because you are inspired by the simple reason that you love what you do.”

Aside from these three men, other “brat packers” to watch out for are twins Bebs and KC Hollman, who personify sugar, spice and all that is nice; the fabulous Fariñas siblings Cristina and Rye; Lawrence Gutierrez from the clan that produced Richard, Raymond and Ruffa; and the lovable tots Nicole Dulalia, Iking Magundayao and Renz Valerio.

Mahilig pa naman ako sa preppy/yuppie!

Shempre din me nahalungkat ako na mga fexchures!

Masakit ang batok nya!

Use tulala and tigalgal in a sentence

The stiff neck look

Letch, nung una identical checkered shirt... Pati ba naman suit? Meant to be ata ah!

Kaya lang...

Goodluck sa inyo ni Katrina Crush mo pare

So yun, his name is Gino

At ang masasabi ko lang talaga ay...


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Yj said...

hindi mo man lang pinatagal ang nararamdaman kong kilig.... ngayon, sa tuwing mapapanood ko ang mcdo commercial, yang last pic na ang nakikita ko sa tv....

iyong iyo na sya teh, hahahaha

James said...

He looks different here. Sa commercial he looks more, uhm, oriental. Still cute nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! thanks for the info been trying to look for this guy!!