Saturday, January 22, 2011

Epic F

And while at it, elsewhere in the lofty halls of Senate, another 'oh so brilliant I am dazed and dazzled' Senator has this to say.

Senate Bill 2639, authored by the highly intelligent Senator Lito Lapid, seeks to regulate and mandate that Billboards be either in English or Filipino only. If it be in a foreign language, it should contain the English or Filipino Translation. He says that signs in other languages 'alienate' the Filipinos. The Senator added, "It is incumbent upon the State to instill and maintain a sense of nationalism among dwellers... We, as Filipinos, should never be subjected to the alienation and seclusion that we are experiencing due to this phenomenon."

Brilliant, right? Now let's start at Binondo and Ongpin, where there is a proliferation of strange calligraphic signs. We don't know that the sign means 'restaurant' right? Or that it means 'internet cafe,' right? Oh and we are sooo alienated! Thank you so much, Senator!

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Reesie said...

at least may nagawa siyang bill KUNO! lol.

If there's a way to get rid of those famous yet stupid politicians in the Philippines, I would be willing to give all of my vital organs to any organ bank right now!