Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winner si Tiyay

Winner si Tiya'y ko Mirring Lukring

Seeking to ammend Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code, Senate Bill 455 seeks to include all Digital MEdia Practitioners in the Protection afforded by the law.

“With the popularity of blogs and video-sharing websites such as YouTube, there are now a lot of people who regularly post sensitive political commentaries online, with content similar to those traditionally published in newspapers or broadcasted over the television. It is clear that practitioners of the digital media are exposed to the same dangers that print and broadcast media practitioners are exposed to, so they should likewise be given protection by the law,” she said.

Winner ka gid ya Chay! It's only a matter of time, that what I once proposed in this blog become a reality too. The revisiting of other National Laws to include the virtual community online, such as the revising of the Omnibus Elections Code, to include the reality and impact of the cyber community in our political exercise. Mabuhay ka Tiya'y!

Read the downloadable copy of the Bill HERE

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