Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Maybe it's because some things need to be fermented before being dished out.

Maybe it's like poetry. When you grow older in the craft your poetry becomes less hysterical or verbose or loud.

Maybe it's self editorializing. The longer you blog, the more you tend to edit/gag yourself.

Maybe it's laziness. The writing it down gets so tiring that you do not want to bother anymore.

Maybe it's prioritization. There's so much going on yet there is nothing to do.

Maybe, it's maybeline.

For my loyal blog denizens who keep coming back, I'm sorry. My keyboard is on hiatus and the blog posts become harder to churn out. Thanks for sticking it out with the batchoyan. Don'tcha worry. I'm still around, and somethings bound to give in. It's gonna happen, happen someday says Liza Minnelli.

Meanwhile, happy January. I love you all


wanderingcommuter said...

i definitely know the feeling... but believe that there will always be those chance again. never lose hope!

happy new year!

Luis Batchoy said...

thenkyah ewik! and no, I can never lose hope. Yosi ko yun eh! hehehe missin' u big guy!

The Zen Bitch said...

sabi nga ni taylor dayne, 'i know the feeling!'

Abou said...

maybe we'll just have to wait