Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Day Funk

Woke up at around 6pm today. Which means, yes, I missed classes! My shift starts at 12AM and it would be my 1st night taking calls. But first, a few things.


Charm and Cherish... Luis' loves times two!

Charmita is in town. She is my breath of fresh air when I entered Law School, and our legendary "Instant Friendship Bond, Just Add Yosi" story is one for the books. She now works for a BPO in Manila, and was my 'hostess' pun very much intended, when I swung by Manila last September to grab me my Palanca Award. She came home for her daughter's 2nd Birthday, and come hell or waters high, I MUST meet her! I am proud to have named her daughter. While she was still pregnant, we would already think of a name for the baby. If it was a boy, he would have been named "Uriel" for the archangel who bears the name "Fire of God" and who happens to be my favorite Archangel. We were quite in a quandary if she turned out to be a girl. Charm and I were sharing earphones while listening to one of our favorite Madonna song "Borderline." We share an affinity and inner understanding for the lyrics

Just try to understand
I'm giving it all I can
But you got the best of me...

And then it hit me! OF COURSE! If the baby would be a girl, it would have to be CHERISH! Another song from Madonna! And cherish it was of course... except for an additional second name to honor (?) the sperm donor's Iranian ancestry... NAYSHA! And yesterday, dear baby Cherish Naysha turned two. I had to fight the urge to throw away the hard week's training, and the whole ramp up shindig at work just to buy a few more hours with Charmita! BUMMER!

2. FAB @ FORTY with SAM P.

Samantha with an equally scandalous named boat

Sam, or Samantha , a very good friend turned forty today. I just had to drop by his little "bottle-up" with select friends, if only to drop off his birthday present. I was so happy that even if I had to hurriedly leave after three sticks of Yosi, I felt I made Sam's day. My gift? Oh a little book of poetry by Mother John Iremil E. Teodoro, entitled "Kung ang Tula ay Pwedeng Pambili ng Lalaki" (If a poem can be used to buy men). I sure loved the big hearted laugh that Sam gave when he read the dedication.

Para kay Sam,
Na hindi na
Kailangang mamili
Ng lalaki...
Happy Birthday!


After this I hurriedly left Sam's party and went to work. The first few calls were a bit crazy for me, but the shift went on very nicely. FW was there, shuttling back and forth, assisting us with first day craziness. The aircon was on full blast, but he was sweating all over. I did call for hep from him a few times, but later on, was basically free of him. At times when no calls were coming in for me, I would snatch a glimpse of him, sweating and shuffling, and I would smile with the thought of wiping the sweat off his foreheads. Hold your horses Luis! Sex in the workplace is such a no-no! Besides, it is not a confirmed thing that he is gay. He has a girlfriend, see... That alone takes him off your hit list. Yada yada yada, but I cant help myself from stealing glances. And yes, he would catch me and I would look away as fast as I can. I would smile deep inside, and when I would look back at him, I would see him beaming too. Argh! Towards the end of my shift, when I looked at him, I tried not to look away, and he came over. FCK! NOW WHAT!

FW: Great first night Luis!
Me: Thank you. Couldn't have survived it without you!
FW: Oh no... Shaky start, but towards the end, you were doing great without much assistance!
Me: Awww... thanks... But really, it helped ease my tension that there was assistance nearby...
FW: No problem, it's my job.
Me: Really, thanks so much!
FW: For?
Me: Being gentle with me... It's my first time you know... I'm technically a virgin at this!
(As soon as I said that I thought AWWW FCK LUIS! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT IDIOT!)
FW: (Laughs sweetly but not derisively) You learn fast! In no time, you'd be just fine and all over the floor.
Me: (Arghhh... silly kinky pictures in my mind of you and me literally all over the floor!) Gee thanks... glad to know that when I slip, you would be there.
FW: I got you covered! Hahahaha!
Me: (Errrr... I would like to show you how else covers can be done... The more 'revealing' kinda cover!) Smile... Thanks a lot FW!

Towards the end of the shift, everyone looked beaten up. Including FW, but he still manages a smile.

Hey you!
Tiresome thing, this is, ayt?
I would really love
To stuff you in my bag
Later when I get off
Take yo home
(Yours or mine, or otherwise
It really don't matter to me)
And see if we can push our luck
And tire each other some more
And get the both of us off too!

I was holding on to that thought when a call came through.i had to reorganize my thoughts and focus on the call. I picked up...

Me: Hello, thank you for calling ( account name), this is ROQ (pronounced as Rock) speaking, how may I be of help to you.
Caller: (A slutty voice came through)Hi! What's your name again?
Me: Hi Ma'am, it's Roq!
Caller: OH! Rock! How hard?
Me: (Curtly, but as business friendly as I can muster!) Very Hard Ma'am, now can I have your name and Shop ID Number please!


Oh, yes, I managed to steal a shot of FW. How I did that and how, to start with, I managed to sneak in my cellphone, is a skill I do not easily dispense to everyone and sundry. And I am so not posting it here. I will have it printed though, and prop it on my cubicle to always put a smile on my face. Now all I need to do is remember to keep it off prying eyes. Watch me... Watching you watch me watching you!

For now, I gotta get me some shut eye! Tahtah! Oh, and by the way, call me malandi if you want, but really, this is not yet even close! A man's gotta have some, ayt?

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jericho said...

share the pic! share the pic! ... ang witty ng sagot mo dun sa babaeng caller.. hehe

the spool artist said...

si charm! may bata na??!!

and si sam! buhay pa pala! hahaha.

great to see once more people i've lost touch with over here!

Luis Batchoy said...

jericho: nah! the pic is for private consumption, besides I dont like fw anymore

loven: yesah! buhi pa kag may bata na. Time flies ayt?