Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Black, not white

Hear yeah! Hear yeah!!!

My very good friend Babak Niaraki will be having his debut solo photo exhibit dubbed "Not Black, Not White" at Crave Art Cafe at the Smallville Compound, Diversion Road Mandurriao, Iloilo City. The opening night will be on December 05, 2008 at 6:30 PM and will run until the 21st of December.

The exhibit features artistic nudes shot by Babak, of four men and four women who are "Not Black, Not White" printed on Canvas and mounted on frames.

Let me take a minute to discuss Babak's wondeful concept as I have been privy to this process. The models are shown naked inside a box. The concept is contrasts; freedom vs security; introversion vs extroversion; in the box wanting to get out but afraid to leave yet not wanting to stay! In short, not black, not white! It is more than just indecision or dilemma, it is a state of the [?].

Please come if you can. I am as excited as the artist is because I have been with him through this project from the time it was just a passing fancy discussed over coffee until today.

Oh, and yes...

I posed! After 200+ shots and two photo sessions, Babak chose one photo and printed it on Canvas. The raw shots looked kinda something like this...

You say fat I say PHAT!

Naked and Sacred! Hit it Chyna Phillips!

I may have the bulge but I bring it and indulge!

I had so much fun!

If you ask very very nicely, I might consider posting the more "revealing" raw photos in a future blog post that would come with a disclaimer and a warning for you to bring your own vomit bags!

Me and Babak after the shoot!

To see more of Babak's works click here!

The above shown photo's are raw pictures from the shoot and are not the ones that would be shown on the exhibit tomorrow of course so you have to be there to see the real deal. In photo canvases that are "Not black, not White!"

BE there tomorrow if you can! See yah!


Yj said...

OMG... bongga naman netoh.... gusto ko rin magkaroon ng ganyang pictorial hehehe... pano naman kaming mga nasa malayo... we wana see the finished product, too.... pakita mo ha... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase..... TARAYFUL mo talagah!!!!

Reesie said...

bonggacious ang mga pose ha! im sure backstage lahat ng mga models sa posing mong yan! (*wink)

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, this is happening....

Love you both, missing all of you terribly and I will be visiting the exhibit soon!!!!


with all my love from Bacolod...


The Zen Bitch said...

akala ko ikaw yung nasa poster... hehehe!

kiel said...

i like your pics. it's poetry.

wanderingcommuter said...

this made me reallly envious....BIG TIME. i admire your confidence! i just wish i have one too... hehehe

Mr. Scheez said...

Naloka aketch! =)

Lyka Bergen said...

OMG... that's all!

Luis Batchoy said...

yj: salamuch... I had so much fun during the shoot

reesie: im posting the final pics... decide if I "backstaged" all of ;em... hehehehe

maui: WAAAAH!!! YOU were supposed to be in this! WTF MARE! Met with butch at the launch... kofi later?

Luis Batchoy said...

zen: No can do... got no titties sharp as those in the poster!

kiel: Thank you... that comment was pay enough for this one! Salamucho at happy birthday!

ewik: salamat po... makapa lang talaga mukha ko at me pag ka exhibitionista... so there!

Mr.Scheez: Oh well... :)

Lyka: Spit it out dear, there's more to that OMG! I know it!