Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hu R U?

There's this burning question on my mind right now. I called in sick at work last Thursday. I had body pains and malaise, fever and chills and no matter how I wanted to get up, I can not coax my body to do it. It simply won't cooperate.

I hated it that I had to miss work that day.

The next day, I reported back to work with a medical certificate and worried friends asking if I was alright. I still ran a fever that day. When I had my first break for the night, I went out for a smoke and I assured my friends that I was all right.

When I came back to my cubicle, I saw these. It has my name on it, but no other information. No notes nor sender's name. Who might you be, and what is it that you want from me? Why?

Cute M&M's August Bear and White and Blue Roses found on my cubicle

Nobody seemed to have noticed anyone sneak these in on my cubicle, or maybe no one wants to tell me. I know that when you receive gifts, you do not ask why, you just say thanks, but hey, whoever you might be, thank you, but I have a few questions for you.

1. How did you know I love white roses?

2. How did you know I was wanting a little bear to bring to work?

3. Where are the chocolates? Hehehehe

Why? Why do this? If this is a get well soon gift, it worked, dear. It made my night, but you see, there is the pervading cold loneliness that you might be able to take away too. Oh and by the way, much as they are lovely to look at, I hate "blue" roses. The way they dye and stain the pure whites slay me. Also, the green bear is adorable, but it also says that it is the M&M's August Bear. It's a Peridot birth month bear, but see, I was born March. Is this a clue to who you are? Are you an August Bear? Do you want me to make you my August Bear and make me your March Bear? But thanks nevertheless. If you are just a friend, why the mysterious anonymity? Most of all, WHO ARE YOU?

I feel like a High School kid with a secret admirer all over again and I feel so giddy. WTF! If you think this would be mysteriously exciting and you want to kill me with anticipation and intrigue, well it did work! AWWWWWW!

I'm so sorry. The whole floor knows about it now. You and your little gifts. You may find it harder to sneak in a second gift next time. I didn't mean to, but see, you don't get away from questions when you log off with a nice bunch of roses and a cute little bear plus a grin from ear to ear!

Oh and one last thing, I really need to know your name, because the cute little bear needs a name too. Any suggestions?

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Yj said...

maybe it's from FW.... giggles.... it's sooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Kiks said...

ang sweeeeet.

hopefully it is not a gurl.

or should it be?

jericho said...

buti naman nagustuhan mo ang gift ko. ang hirap kaya nun. i had to fly from HK and back in a matter of a few minutes. hehe. chika lang syempre. ang sweet naman nya kung sino man sya.

wanderingcommuter said...

ang sweet pero mas inaalala ko eh gusto mong pumasok... sana may ganun din ako perspective sa trabaho... hahaha

Sreisaat said...

Uyyy, may secret admirer siya!

Luis Batchoy said...

yj: i hate to spell it out for u but FW is history.

kiks: I dont mind if it is from a gurl, but I dont think there is one here who would do that.

jericho: super saccharine to the diabetic level nga eh

ewik: baka kasi bago ang experience kaya ganun. baka di pa ako nabuburn out

res: parang hi school nga eh. kilig ever