Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twelve oh Five Final Part (Ze' Work and Possible Play)

I got back to work and I was sooo late! Good thing that I was able to tell my trainor about the event and invited her too, so she already knew where I was coming from when I texted her that I'd be running late.

We will be having one final module and our Oral exams in the form of a mock call for the night. We drew lots and prepared for the mock call. I got number 8 out of 14 lots. Good number. Not too soon, not too late.

I was a bit nervous, and I was cramming to remember all the possible concerns that my mock caller would have and how I may assist her/him. We were also asked to choose and written down the names we will be using when taking calls. Some of us have to use a name that would be more American Sounding. I chose ROQ! as in Rock! Sounds like rakenroll ya know! :)

My caller had a simple concern, and the total call time was less than a minute! I totally rocked!

While waiting for our turns, I had a pleasant chat with another trainor. He said he will be with us Customer Service Help Desk people next week and he will be our Floor Walker. I dig his dimples! Chubby Chinito, sightly older than me, very personable, and nice! I think I have a new crush! Eherm!

I immediately asked my trainor (who happens to be a very good friend) if FW (Floor Walker) was gay, and she said yes, he was, but quickly added that he had a girlfriend! DUH! Oh well... I approached FW again at a later time and ask for his number. Without batting an eyelash, he gave it to me. Hmmm... Do I smell an office romance in the offing... Que Sera Sera for Roq and FW!

When we were starting to leave for the day, one employee approached me and introduced herself. She was one of the Team Leaders on the floor. She asked me if I was okay to go on a 12:00-8:00 shift when we start taking calls next week. I said yes, I wouldn't have a problem with that and quickly added, that is, if I pass the big final exams tomorrow and the final evaluation. She smiled at me and said, "Darling, pass or not, they had me plot a schedule for you down pat, so, premature as it may be, I say welcome to the team, and burn the floor baby! See yah Monday!"

WHOA!!!! I WAS FLOORED!!! Just as I thought the day would end quietly for me, another one explodes!

Oh and I found this on my email, too!



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fuchsiaboy said...

ang landeeh!

Luis Batchoy said...

fuschia: hayaan mo nah... single naman ako eh