Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twelve oh Five Part Two of Three (Old Flames)

Now where was I?

OH the honored guest for the night, right?

Well let's just call him EC (Ex Crush)

A little backgrounder, I think is in order.

He was a friend of Maui's. We got introduced months back before Maui got to work in Bacolod. I saw the both of them together at my favored kofishop one night, and as is my practice with friends I see in my lair, I asked Maui if I could join them. She said yes. At first I didn't quite recognize him, but when I was given his name, I immediately remembered! That name! He was a long time crush! Then Maui told me that he was actually suffering from devastating relationship with a girl who just took him in for a ride and was a bit of a gold digger. Awww! So that was why he looked like sh!t that night!

We exchanged numbers. I told Maui about my having a long time crush with him and she advised me to tread carefully with the EC. I was surprised when I got a text from him inviting me for coffee. And so we did. I already heard so much about him but when I got to know him better, I think he is one big misunderstood guy! In an attempt to diffuse the tension, I would kid him about my having a crush on him, and he played along with the "joke!" Conversations ran something like this:

Me: That's why you have problems with women! You know what, next time, try Men!
EC: Not on the menu so far... I will wait until you are in there!
(Hold your horses Luis, he is just joking!)
Me: Well, I don't go for straight guys, you know...
EC: Oh everyone is gay! They just vary in levels of acceptance and practice of their homosexuality!
ME: (Tangna! Lika praktisin natin yang level of acceptance mo!) Oh, and besides, my latest ex (Baboy) I think is a relative of yours. His middle name is the same as your family name. The break up was bad... so I guess it's bad marks on your rep sheet!
EC: Too bad, you met the wrong ____(Surname). Give yourself a chance with the right one I say!

I also learned that he writes poetry too. In the next coffee session with him, he brought a print out of his poems. I discussed and critiqued his poetry during the next coffee sessions, and he takes criticisms well. He calls me his mentor!

Our coffee sessions were interrupted when he had to go to the States for a vacation. Two says ago, I heard from a friend that he was seen having kofi with Maui, and was actually looking for me. I texted him yesterday, inviting him to the exhibit. He was a bit late.

I had coffee with him. That is why, I ran late for work. I jokingly introduced him around as my next boyfriend; make that, my next EX! He gamely played along with the joke, adding that I was actually his current boyfriend, but that he was still 'on-training' for the position.

I was so glad to see him tonight, but while I was riding the taxi to the office (my car is still under repair), I realized something.

What I feel for him is shrouded in jokes and jests, and when I really dig down for the emotions I use to feel, it's not there anymore... just the joke... Oh well...


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