Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 2 Final Part of Three Imbolc

February 2 is also the Wiccan Sabbath of Imbolc, or Winter Solstice. During the night, the fires must be kept burning, for this is the first stirring of life. It is in anticipation of Earth's return to life after the harsh long winter. It is also called as the Festival of Light, since the days are now getting longer than the nights, and it won't be long till the earth is all green and alive again.

This festival is most meaningful to me. As a personal solitary practitioner, I consider myself most advanced in Candlecraft, or the art of using candles in magick workings. Being in itself a festival where candles are celebrated as of high importance and with fire as the central element, this, for me is my high Sabbath, alongside Samhain.

This years Imbolc is very meaningful to me. After all the agitations and the disquiet I have been feeling inside, this Sabbath is the peak of the restless stirrings in my soul. I have often felt dampened and catatonic, perhaps due to a bone weariness by a long cold winter. Now, spring stirs and will burst forth. My metamorphosis is almost complete and it wont be long till the hibernation and the rest and recouping finally ends. More than ever, I feel the veil of weariness lift off. I have felt alone and cold and in complete darkness and confussion, but now, more than ever, I see illumination. I understand clearly now. I see the light! Lumus!

For the night's festivities, I cleansed myself, physically. I took a long cleansing salt bath to prepare myself. I cleared out space for the ritual. I cleansed myself emotionally by chucking aside all the negativity and the shit and debris that have accumulated due to my brushes with the daily grind. Actually, I have been doing this very painfully and labouriously, painstakingly, for the past months. I cleansed and recharged all my tools; sword, athame, pentacle, bell, goblet, crystals, tarot, candles, herbs and other tools as well as my vestments. I cast and sat inside my protective circle, feasted, reconsecrated my tools, especially my new tarot deck, which I christened with a name that only I will speak. I spread my tarot, and the reading was much much more hope filled than the gloomy new year spread I did. I feel a vibrant energy coursing through my whole being, and I feel that I am on the peak of breaking through whatever shackles that the long winter has put upon me. As the fires of Brigja is tended to a lit for the whole night's vigil, I feasted and noursihed both body and soul, and I asked my guides to be with me, and get me through the cycle that is yet to come. I feel me coming back to life. Above all, I am begining to see clearly now. I can see through every ruse and every enigma that I have lanored over to understand the past few months. My vision is taken to higher levels, and my understanding of things reaches higher grounds.

To all who are one with the Great Goddess, Kindred Spirits and Believers, a Blessed Imbolc to all of us! Blessed be, and Illuminati! Arise Lumengentia! Enlightened ones!

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