Friday, February 6, 2009


I rarely post political entries. It is one among the three topics that I avoid. Religion, Politics and Sex. They say that if you want to gain a quick opponent or ally, the surest way is to have a discourse in the three above mentioned topics. After all, this blog is supposed to be light and just right to the bite. I steer clear from Political posts, most specially Philippine Political entries. Either because I would like to keep my political opinions to myself, or its just that its pointless to talk about politics. Everyone knows its a jungle out there. No make that, it's a very very dirty jungle out there. Besides, there are a thousand and one blogs that specialize in this topic already. I do not want to add to the net clutter. However, this one from the Senate just got to me, big time.

I do not even rant or rave about my favorite Ilongga Senator in this blog. I'm of course referring to the feisty Senadora, no make that "Eksena-dora" Manay Mirriam Defensor Santiago. I also refrained from saying anything regarding all their antics in the hallowed halls of Senate, but this one is just too much. I was watching the news and one "Honorable" senator wants the Senate Rules of Procedure to be translated to Filipino. I am talking about the Ex Governor from Pampanga, Hon. Sen. Lito Lapid. Well and good actually that the Senate Rules of Procedure be translated to Filipino. What irks me is this. He blatantly and smilingly admit on National Television, while being interviewed by the news crew, that he does not understand the Senate Rules of Procedure, and this is the reason why he is often times just quiet and not saying anything during Senate Sessions. He also said that he has been in Senate for quite some time already but he can not fully understand, since the Rules are in English. He quickly adds that "the people" should also be able to understand the said Rules.

Yeah right! The people, indeed! This is just so wrong! Very wrong! To have a Senator who openly admits on National TV that he, in fact, does not know what he is doing, and is therefore, ineffective a legislator because of such ignorance! I do not even dare bring this issue to that of language and translation, because that is not the issue. Sure we can translate what our dear Senator has difficulty understanding, but that's not it, really. The main glaring point here is this: It is only here in the wonderful Republic of ours, that someone could be brazen enough and has the tenacity to run for an important office of public trust with bare understanding of what he is getting in to, and even more brazen in admitting ignorance, segueing in to a "for the people" routine. A friend jokingly said over coffee earlier tonight that Senator Lapid is just unfortunate not to have Kris Aquino for a daughter-in-law. Otherwise, this problem could have been a piece of cake! Oh well, come to think of it, we elected someone worse into the presidency not very long ago. Geez!

Dipping into the soup is another Honorable Senator Miguel Zubiri, whom the news crew interviewed, as to his reaction. He said something to this effect. "We will now be constrained to speak in Filipino during Senate Sessions. Now, see, I am not well versed in Filipino, myself, being Bisaya," complete with funny accent and a snigger. I am a great supporter of Regional languages, but Senator naman, please, this is no time to be clowning around, and using the Hiligaynon/Visayan accent, if you mean to insult your colleague in the Senate. Don't tell me you'd start with a bill to translate the Senate Rules of Procedure in to the major languages in the Country, including Cebuano and Hiligaynon. What a merry merry bunch of stand up (and sit down) comics we have in the hallowed halls of Senate, indeed. I am not missing hte point entirely though. Gimmickry and creativity is top priority of the hour. after all, 2010 Elections are fast approaching. The better the performance, the easier to secure a spot. The better the punchline, the more sure, the slot. Then again, dear fellow Filipinos, the joke is on us. While we think we laugh at their performances, it is the other way around. Come 2010, I hope we do not commit the same mistakes by Sending In the Clowns to the Chambers of Senate. My friend says, SPELL ASA!

Oh, and yes, which brings me to another entirely different point. I'm sorry but, I really loathe the expression "Nosebleed!" When someone speaks fluent English, I would hate it when smart-alecky people would retort by saying "Wow Nosebleed!' I really hate that! Nakaka irita. It;s like condoning ignorance and justifying ill-education or even illiteracy. If you can not face up to an English speaking chum, then insult him with the "nosebleed" retort. How pathetic! I really do hope that people who use this to ridicule others would really have a heavy nose bleed. Not just a simple nosebleed mind you! One that would let flow, along with the blood, what little brains they have left in their noggin'! Or do they have any? Well see.. my pamily, my pamily!

As to our dear Senators in the Senate, this I say... I hate it that I am responsible for putting you clowns in there. After all, it is we, the sovereign Filipino people, who are responsible for putting you up there in your positions. Now don't ask me why there are a lot of people who would like to get out of this country, just to escape, perhaps, a Government, that embodies our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessing of independence and democracy under the rule of law, and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace.


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mel beckham said...

nosebleed. char! =p

isama mo na si bong revilla, juice ko, mga walang ginawa kundi mag seryoso sa pagiging miyembro ng 'silent committee'. lol

kiel said...

kool ka lang luis. sige ka, magka-wrinkles ka nyan...