Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a date

PRESCRIPT: Please see latest blog entry for an explanation regarding this entry.

I will be out for a little night of romance and music.

Weeks earlier, my good friend Rhea, a co-editor in the College Press Conference sent me an announcement. She's helping out bunch of talented young ones promote themselves and their music. They're the Iloilo Youth Orchestra. When my kafe was still in business, she promised that one time, we will hold a concert of sorts with the kids in the kafe.

*NOTE: The promise was no more than a referral to invite IYO to perform in my cafe. In no way did Rhea misrepresent herself as a representative of the group and nothing definitive was 'promised'. She merely suggested if I wanted to invite the kids for a performance in my cafe, to which I positively responded, but it never came to pass. I apologize for any misunderstanding caused by this statement.

This time, IYO has a Valentine dinner concert at the UPV. I bought a ticket for this, and it's a date. Read about IYO here.

I'm all set for that Valentine dinner date. Nothing beats having a good night of music, good food, and extending a helping hand for the arts as well. Oh, and Rhea is a bit "teasy" with my sitting arrangements. Turns out that most people who bought tickets for the dinner concert are, shall we say, "romantically challenged". She said I just might find myself next to someone who has always wanted to talk to me about my writings. She also told me to bring a love poem that I wrote. I might just be asked to read one or two. She reminded me to spray on a little whiff for roamce, and not to forget my pen. Pun intended. Hmmm... dinner with a fan? Well see... For now, it's date.

P.S: One other friend, Rex has also invited me overr to his friend's shindig at another place nuch later in the evening. We'll see if fan boy gets to tag along. Now let's see...

Gorgeous clothes, check!
Really Nice Pants: Check!
Suave Shoes: Check!
Whiff of Romance: Check!
Love Poems: Check!
Pen: Double Check!
A night of romance, music and endless possibilities: Double Check!


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