Thursday, February 12, 2009


Na tag ako ni Aris... and without further ado, here are twenty five random things about me. Since Valentines is fast approaching, I am giving mine a twist. I'm listing things that has something to do with love... or something to that effect. Here goes!

25. I love reading. I love books! It's the one thing I can never get enough of. Building a library is one sure thing to spend money on if ever I win the lottery.

24. If you are to fall in love with me, do not give me your world, because I will take it, y tu mama tambien.

23. I love pasta. Up to now, I still can not decide which sauce I like better; red or white. I just like pasta, that I am sure of. Oh, and my friends say I whip up a mean Carbonara.

22. The quickest way to my heart is through my brains. If you can fuck my brains out, then you're in for more fucking! Hehehehe... the other way to it, is through my stomach! Oh, to see you sweat and slave over a hot stove to feed me! This must be love!

21. I love walking under the weeping rainclouds (salamat kay anonymous sa pagwawasto ng grammar). Be it on a beach or in the metro. Wherever. When I was in High School, since I was an officer of the CAT (Battalion Admin/Reservist Head/Medics Sup./Company Ex-O whew dami no?) I had a locker all to myself. I'd bring extra uniforms, leave all my stuff in there, and walk home from school under the rainclouds. It's such a liberating experience. No, make that, I love taking long walks, per se.

2o. I like it best when you tell me you love me without saying anything. I know it must be spoken and heard but those silent moments are best understood by my heart that speaks no language.

19. I don't believe na masarap ang bawal ( what's forbidden is delicious). I have had my fill of 'em and no sir, they do not taste good at all. Nothing beats those done out of love, sweet love!

18. At my best, I love hard. At my worst, I love hardest! Etchos!

17. I think love is under rated. Call me an old fashioned fool but I think that it is when love is most out of sight that people should believe in it harder.

16. I love singing and dancing, even when both affairs are unrequited. Modesty aside, I have fair singing and dancing skills, naman. It must be the music.

15. I love writing. It is my one true love, along with coffee. Being a slave to words and poetry is sheer madness. We conceal in order to reveal more. That's poetry!

14. I think that friendship, just like any other relationship is an excess. You would be inclined to do more for these people, and you know better, but you are happier when you do. Just like any relationship, it is hard work! After all, it is an excess burden we take upon ourselves. They bring madness and sanity, each in turn, and in equal measures! I love my friends to the death!

13. I am no TV person. Though there is not much love between us, there is no bad blood either. I wouldn't mind lounging when asked.

12. I love chubs. I love eating. I love cooking. I love to be cooked for, and I love being eaten. Chos! You do the math!

11. I love traveling. I was born with a mole on my sole. Literally and figuratively, but since life happens, and it gets in the way, it's an affair for the future. There's are so many places to go to. Just you wait! I'll be there, soon!

10. I have one rule in loving that most of my friends have picked up from me. " I only ask for things that I can give when situations are switched. That is why I ask for honesty and exclusivity because I can hell give 'em any time of the day! So do not ask from me, those that you can not give me."

9. When I say "I love you", I mean it. That's why I practice word economy when it comes to this, along with the word sorry, because when I say them, I have to really mean them.

8. I do not believe in "Somewhere down the road." There is no other road. It's all right here, right now. If you have to love me, love me now, and give me everything you've got and expect no less from me. It's now or never!

7. I love my low downs. Mother John Iremil Teodoro said, that this is good for us. It makes our poetry beautiful. I welcome them as much as I welcome the high ups in life. C'est La Vie!

6. I'm a night person. As far as I can remember, even when I was still in elementary, my mom would find it hard to wake me up come mornings, for school. I love night stirrings. Not that I do not, or cannot function during the day, or that I loathe day time. It's just that I love night more than I do mornings.

5. I love my alone times even if I am not necessarily a loner. Even if its just me and a good book and a mug of coffee, I feel that it is all that needs to be done. Not that I am anti-social or agoraphobic. I am just comfortable and really good friends with myself.

4. Well, okay, I must admit, I still have feelings for all of my exes. Loathing is a feeling too right? Joke! Seriously, I still love all of them, each in turn. However, I do not fancy nor wish for any of them to come back to me. I just believe that what the heart has once felt it will always own. So, I will always continue to love them, to the very end.

3. I love my messy room. There are days when it would really look like a typhoon hit it. It is very unflattering, but using my friend's ready excuse, I say that it's not just a room; it's a house, that is why it is near impossible to keep it clutter free. I've so much stuff in here. The only thing that is always in order is my book case. The rest are all helter-skelter. I do not like to have it cleaned out by the house help because even if it is a mess, I know where everything is. I hate it when someone cleans it and I can not find what I'm looking for. When I get to it though, I'm really able to whip it up in shape. It's just not that often.

2. I love chocolates. Here in our house, they call me the choco monster. 'Nuff said!

1.I love shoes. My favorite is the black Ferragamo's my cute nephew picked for me. He asked his mom to buy me those as a "Thank You" gift for my birthday. The shoes came in a box with his scrawlings saying thank you for my taking him to the zoo when he was here in Iloilo. Sweet kid! I love it that this me-me tag is already finished before I run out of random things. Hehehehe.

Whew! Hirap nun ha! Now I'm tagging lyka, don, dawn, loven and zen bitch

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Dawn said...


Magkokoment lang sana ako eh talagang gagawa nko nang entry


yeah, btw rockerchick79 has been revived..

Btw, I agree in almost everything that you said. Except that I dont think Friendship is in excess.. I love my friends more than the men that has graced my Life.. Friends are a breath of fresh air..

Except pag umutot.. well.. Excuse me nlang..

Lavia!!! MMMMwah!!!!

Aris said...

you really are a romantic person to give this list a love twist! it is an enjoyable read. ang galing mo talagang magsulat! :)

salamat sa pagtanggap. happy ako na higit kitang nakilala dahil sa pagbabahaging ito. :)

Yj said...

"I just believe that what the heart has once felt it will always own."

so true........

romantiko guapito hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

question lang po, how does one walk UNDER the rain...peace...let's walk together in the rain, not on not for not with, certainly not under...peace

Luis Batchoy said...

dawn:wag tanad gumawa ka na ng entry

aris: kais naman eh, ikaw may pakana neto eh.

yj: ganun talaga

anonymous: salamat po sa pag wawasto. Sana man lang nakilala ko kung sino po kayo at wag anonymous ang comment. Ayan po, magpaka teknikal po tayo. Nasa ibabaw po ang rain clouds kaya, I walk under the weeping rain clouds... hehehehe

The Zen Bitch said...

sori po, ngayon lang ako napadaan sa blog mo... i was tagged with this same note sa facebook... copy and paste na lang gagawin ko ha...