Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 2 Second Part of 3 Christening

It took a while for me to continue with this series because I intended to post pictures of that happy occasion. My little brother's kid was christened on this same day. Almost everyone of us sibs who are here in the Pinas were there, and there were pictures. Now I'm dead. I'm very dead. Little sister Sarah was the official self appointed photographress of of the event. I borrowed the memory card of the digicam (because I'm the only one left, I think, who does not own a decent digicam huwaaaa!) so I could upload the pictures, and with it such a very small little thing I lost/misplaced it somewhere in the house and I am so so dead! Huwaaaa!

Anyhoot, the event was done at little brother's wifey's place. A new church was being built in their community, so it was there that the baptism took place. Add to the fact that it was convenient since it was also the fiesta of the whole Jaro district, so the reception was also done at their house, to coincide with the fiesta. There were ten thousand ninong and ninangs, and a hundred thousand babies baptized there at the same time. Hehehehe. I was not thinking of anything but the thought of baby MJ's christening that day, but no. Some things really have to happen. BULL!

MJ, the baby's name stands for Marcial Jephesen. Marcial from his dad's name (little brother is Marcial III so he was short of becoming IV) and Jephesen from dont ask me where because no one could give me a decent answer. Hehehehe. When we came to the church, I was holding baby MJ, because, well *snicker* I have a way with babies, and at that time, since it was so hot and the baby was all bothered, I was the only one who could miraculously keep it quiet. Ehem! Daddy skills at its best.

As I have said, there were a hundred thousand babies to be baptized that day too, and the priest was calling out the names of the kids, and asking the groups to line up along the aisle. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him. He was holding a baby too. Then, a swet angelic voice called out "Tito Luis! Tito Luis!" F*CK! It's him!

Let's just call him MG. Short for Married Guy. You see, during my heydays, I had a string of relationships with married guys. He was one of the last ones. I still think they're the best lovers. If you discount the fact that the relaionship will go no where as you could only have affairs with them, they give the best "affair" for whatever it is worth. The secrecy, the illicitness and of course the intensity and passion in love making. After all, it's like a drink of fresh, albeit prohoibited, sparkling and clear water for them. I understand how it must be. For someone who wants dick, and is stuck with pussy, I know how it must feel. I am not very proud of this part of my life, but I have no regrets either. I used to think that I was doing them a favor. You'r husband wants dick, you have pussy; I provide, you stay together, simple as that. Well, you see, I knew my place. I knew that there will never be anywhere to go with them married guys. I do not fancy myself "replacing" the wifey. No sire, I was content with what there was to it. Cutting my reverie short, a little hand tried grasping my elbows, as I was holding MJ with both hands. I looked down to see how big the kid has grown. MG's kid. "Tito Luis, tito Luis, up! Please?" Then when he saw me holding a baby, he pouted and said "Just like Daddy!" and sulked. My heart lurched. MG approached to take his kid away. He smiled and asked "Yours?" I smiled and just then, little brother's wifey came to take MJ away. When kiddo saw my arms empty, he jumped right up, and snuggled. GOD! I missed this sweet little kid. When his Daddy and I were still together, he woould really cuddle up to me. Toldya I had a way with kids! "Tito Luis, how come you don't go to the house anymore? Come with us later. There's a party there. I'm kuya now. Let's play again. Please? SHEEESH! How old was he now? He can talk in straight sentences now. How long ago was it? Then MG said "Baby, come down. You are too heavy na. You will crumple Tito Luis' barong. You'r a kuya now!" I saw him pout, gave one last tight squishy hug, and followed his dad, jumping down from my arms. How do I tell you that you we're the reason why I stopped seing your Daddy? I do not want you to grow up with resentment once you discover what Tito Luis and Daddy does when they are all alone? I saw MG's wifey smilling and waving at me from their spot. She was holding their new kid. I waved backed. I mouthed that I was here for little brother's kid's baptism. She smiled. I looked at MG. He was at a loss. I gave him a hug. A tight one. I congratulated him. All through out the ceremony, he was stealing glances at me. Shall I say, I remember the boy, but I don't remember his penis anymore? I mean feelings... sorry! Hehehehehe. And as Dyosa puts it, then again, its just penis, nothing more than penis, I mean, feelings...

As they say, life goes on, and as the babies cried and wailed while being baptized, MJ was quiet and complacent. I was able to put him to sleep before that. I must say there is something else that I wished I could have put to sleep, right there and then. Whatever that was, your guess is as good as mine. After all the ceremonies, I was first to leave the church. I quickly stepped right up the car and waited for everyone to pile up. I could see MG, holding the new baby, and being congratulated by his new kumpares and kumares, but I also see him looking everywhere as if looking for someone. He was not holding the baby all too well, or maybe the baby was just pissed with all the attention it is being showered, that it was crying in iritation. People started getting up the car. My attention was brought back to the current task at hand by a fine pinch at the side from little Sister Sarah, whom I didn't notice going inside the car already and was seated at the back of the driver's seat, directly behind me. I was surprised. "Oh! Why are you seated there. You were seated beside me sa passenger's seat earlier ah!" She gave me a wink, said "someone else requested the honor to sit beside you. Well, I am a very easy girl to talk to you know", and winked again and as I looked beside me, I see the passenger side door open, and one of the kumpare's came to sit beside me. It was the annoying chubby guy who was one of the ninongs. I do not know why my sister keeps pushing me with this self absorbed snob! All throughout the ride back to the reception, he was lecturing me and giving me unsolicited driving tips and advice, while I was deep in my thoughts, with MG in the past.

Sorry, no pictures showing me in my gorgeous lilac barong. Not until I could find that memory card and save myself from sure death! WAAAAAH!!!

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Yj said...

im pretty sure na matatawa ang ang magbabasa nitong post na toh... nakakatawa naman talaga, but somehow all could think of as i read the lower half was my best friend telling me:

'ano? umaasa ka pa na balang araw sasabihin niya sayong iiwanan na niya asawa't anak niya para sayo? Buwang ka! magising ka nga!'

Luis Batchoy said...

yj:never naman ako umasa talaga.Naka walong married guys ako. Alam ko kung hanggang saan lang talaga. I knew my place.