Sunday, February 15, 2009

That was it

The Balentayms has come and gone, and that was it.

I am not an anti-valentine grouch. I am one in the universal celebration of love, no matter what they say, that it is an uber commercialized affair or whatever. I still believe in celebrating love. In a world where relationships come a dime a dozen; where loving within a committed relationship has slowly become and exception instead of the rule; where instant gratification is the order of the day; and where the word love is oftentimes thrown in to get everything, being in a committed and fulfilling relationship is something worth celebrating.

On the flip side, some loveless people would rather celebrate this day as Singles Awarness Day. This is all I have to say to this: Singles Awareness Day, indeed! It is on this day, when you are aware of how single you are. As in, painfully aware! Hehehehe... To all the singles who are aware of their singledom, Happy Singles Awareness Day to you too...

Now that the balenstayms day is over and done with, I happily got back home with my "Double Grand Slam" award for being dateless for the past six valentines day! Hehehehe...

I planned to post some of the pictures in my flash vacay in Bora, but will do that later. Meanwhile, here is my favorite shot, which will be my profile pic henceforth!

Scared? Hehehehe

Kumbakit may pool sa isang islang may napakagandang dagat, escapes me!

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Yj said...

hands down... bungga man ang pic uy!!!

tarayful ng hairdo....hahahaha